CoreAcumen’s regulatory services seek to provide our clients with strategic insight on the regulatory framework their businesses operate in. We provide our clients comprehensive regulatory analysis which result in tailored compliance and regulatory solutions for efficient risk management

Our Services Include:

  • Regulatory business maps

  • Regulatory impact assessments

  • Compliance policy review

  • Risk compliance plans

  • Compliance training

    • Consumer Protection Regulation

    • Consumer Credit Regulation

    • Financial Services Regulation

    • Public Sector Regulation

  • Legal advice

    • advising companies on aligning their business practices and policies with all applicable laws and regulations

  • Submissions in response to government calls for public comment on regulatory developments

  • Legislative drafting (public sector clients)

Reasons why your entity needs CoreAcumen’s regulatory services:

  • Mapping out future change management brought on by regulatory and legislative developments

  • Managing compliance risk and regulatory risk

  • Managing relationships with your company’s external regulatory stakeholders

  • Regulatory compliance