Change Management

With constant change whether it is technological, regulatory, legislative, or due to natural disasters such as the event of Covid-19 virus pandemic, people have become change fatigued. Mostly they do not have a choice in the impact that the intended change event has on their life, both personal as well as in the workplace.

CoreAcumen’s Change Management services focus on the people side of project and digital transformation initiatives in the organisation.

Based on best practices as per the Prosci® Change management methodology, we craft change management solutions on both Project as well as Enterprise level as required. The Prosci® ADKAR® framework is used to develop the change management plan.

Where possible, we align the Change Management (CM) and Project Management (PM) methodologies to provide the platform for the technical (PM) and people (CM) side to optimise probability of project success.

Our Services Include:

  • Assessment of current state of change management maturity

  • Assessment of the change capability development strategy

  • Development and crafting of a formal framework within which to facilitate successful change interventions

  • Facilitation of project and transformation stakeholder management through the development of additional artefacts such as sponsorship roadmaps, coaching and resistance management plans in addition to the normal project management communication and training plans.

Reasons why your entity needs CoreAcumen’s Change management services:

  • Facilitate well-structured change management interventions that will contribute to a positive Return on Investment (ROI) for project and change initiatives through:

    • Rate of adoption by establishing whether the change is adopted at the rate as planned for in the project and change initiative

    • Measuring people participation levels and utilisation of new processes, tools, and job changes

    • Proficiency – determining whether people are achieving the expected performance levels